Workshops: woodcuts, 'ex libris', illustrated books

Your hostess Antje Veldstra is a professional graphic artist who specialises in woodcuts. She is also a trained typographer and has been teaching woodcut printing at the Grafisch Centrum of Groningen for many years. Antje has hosted many workshops. Her studio is located on the ground floor, underneath the B& B.

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antje op het atelier
beppe baukje rondvaarten

Boat trips with the Beppe Baukje

Your host Gulle Speelman is closely involved with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Beppe Baukje. This foundation aims to keep a converted Groninger flatboat or covered barge in service. Originally built in 1915, the Beppe Baukje has recently been motorised and is now fitted out to seat groups of 15-20. This unpretentious but comfortable ship is perfectly suited to a relaxing day out on the Groninger waters. Please feel free to let us know if you'd like to book a trip with us.

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